To provide value based quality education to students belonging to all sections of the society with particular emphasis on students hailing from economically weaker and culturally disadvantaged sections of the society.

To strengthen the already existing inclusive ambience open to all irrespective of caste, creed, colour and gender to remove the barriers in higher education.

Motivate students in realizing their potential through creative spaces.

Offer academic liberty, allowing its faculty members and students to involve in critical inquiry and exchange of ideas without any fear, favour or hesitation.

Cultivate values among the students and prepare them with a positive attitude.


After a series of brain storming sessions and due deliberations on strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of the institution, it was decided that the perspective plan document will stick to the following five objectives/goals.

Academic Excellence

Excellent Infrastructural Facilities

Human Resource Development

Social Responsibility

Resource Generation

I. For Academic Excellence :

Separate Commerce block to house faculty rooms and class rooms.

Introduce smart classes/interactive classes.

Initiate e-learning programmes.

Inculcate innovation, novelty, creativity in teaching and learning.

Improve employability.

Introduce new job oriented and skill enhancement courses such as journalism, mass communication, tourism, hotel management, yoga, martial art.

Training of faculty for effective teaching.

Strengthen the academic association by developing contacts with other higher educational institutions.

Promote hobbies like painting, photography, music, folk dance etc among the students.

Internet connectivity, access to multimedia and learning resources especially e-resources.

Improving equity in higher education by providing adequate opportunities of higher education to SC/ST, OBC and minorities.

Remove limited motivation for learning due to existing evaluation process.

Hand book should be updated to reflect the current aims and learning outcomes and ensure all students receive copies of updated information.

Institutionalize mandatory orientations for all new students.

Equity and gender sensitization campaigns.

Adequate focus on research in higher education.

Remove limited motivation for learning due to existing evaluation process.

Conduct increased staff development activities that are meaningful and valuable to basic skills of faculty and staff through workshops, seminars, conference etc.

Increase mechanism to provide more frequent and consistent course performance feedback to students.

Increase early intervention and support to students experiencing academic or personal difficulties.

Installation of a new management information system to capture the required data timely.

Introduce more job oriented course to improve employability of the students.

Equity involves fair access of the poor and socially disadvantage group of higher education.

Library resources are to be substantially increased to include digital collections of unique and useful in all the discipline.

While maintain the rich heritage, the college intends to become a modern, well-equipped and state-of-the-art institution of higher learning.

Some courses at PG level has been proposed under self-finance scheme.

To set up a center of a critical humanities: The proposed center would focus on critical analysis of different theories related to mass issues related to inclusive politics, minority rights redistribution and revisit of equity. It would engage with the idea of progressive inclusive sociopolitical imagination.

II. Facilitation of infrastructural facilities :

Renovation of the existing infrastructural facilities.

Expansion and up gradation of academic, administration and infrastructural capacities.

Creation of new facilities in terms of staff quarters, guest house, hostels (Boy and Girls). Conference Rooms, Auditorium, Recreation and Sports Centers, Lecture Theatres.

Existing Hostels will be renovated by furnished living rooms, dining rooms, modern bathrooms and toilets, reading rooms and recreation rooms on priority basis.

Convert all the existing buildings into fully disabled friendly to improve access.

Scaling the existing network to enable Wi-Fi.

Strengthen the already existing security arrangements within the campus.

Expansion and up-gradation of parking facilities.

III. Human Resource Development :

Facilitate placement of students in different sectors.

Provide health, physical and mental well-being facilities to the staff and students.

Organize capacity building programmes frequently.

Create new avenues for recreation.

Streamline Teachers evaluation process by the students.

IV. Social Responsibility :

Ensure the participation of staff and students in sharing the task of social responsibility.

Creation of ramp for physically challenged students.

Provide soft skills courses like communicative English, Basic Computer Education, personality development programmes.

Producing graduates with socially and economically valuable attributes and expertise.

Inculcate the spirit of nation building in the students as agents of change.

To organize workshop and seminars on burning societal issues like gender equality, domestic violence, women empowerment, aids awareness, inclusive growth and environmental issues etc.

To inculcate the sense of enhancing moral quotient.

V. Resource Generation :

By introducing some relevant self-financing courses.

By securing funds from external sources like MP & MLA LADs and charitable organization, Industries.

Strengthen the parent Teachers Association and Alumni Association to get sponsorship.

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