Proctorial System

Each student of the college is assigned to a group under a proctor, who maintains a dossier containing particulars of the students under his control and guidance.

Each proctor shall report to the chief proctor any serious misconduct, irregularly in attendance, and absence in any examination, etc of the student.

Action recommended by a committee, comprising of the Chief Proctor, the concerned proctor and any other member or Disciplinary Committee or members of the staff nominated by the Principal for the purpose, shall be taken against the defaulting student.

Information to be sent to parents of the students regarding:

a) Marks secured by the students in college examination

b) Shortage of attendance.

c) Nonpayment of college dues.

d) Absence from college examinations.

e) Any act of misconduct of the student.

f) Payment of scholarship and free-studentship to the student.

g) Any matter which the Principal deems necessary.

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