1. Students availing free studentship are exempted from paying monthly Tuition Fee to the College; however they will have to pay other Monthly Dues and Annual Dues according to the College Prospectus / Admission Information / Notification.

2. All Girl Students, all S.C. and S.T. students are exempted from paying the Monthly Tuition Fee of the College.

3. a) 12.5% of the total enrolled students in each class apart from Girls, S.C. and S.T. students can also get the benefit of full Free Studentship every year according to govt. Provision. A full Free Studentship can be converted to half free Studentships and the same can be awarded to two students instead of one student of a class at the discretion of Principal.

b. Free Studentship is awarded to poor and meritorious students only.

c. Applications in the prescribed proforma on payment of Rs. 2/- towards its cost are invited for this purpose usually at the beginning of the session. Applicants are required to appear before a Selection Board with required documents to be considered eligible to enjoy this benefit.

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