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College Examinations

Every Student of the 1st year of +2 classes shall have to take at least two college examinations i.e., one First Terminal Examination, and another Annual Examination during the academic year.

Similarly every student of the 2nd year +2 classes and 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year of +3 classes shall have to appear at one Pre-Test Examination and one Test Examination.

First Terminal/Pre-Test Examination usually held after Puja Vacation and Annual/Test Examination, normally held during the month of December.

These college Examinations are compulsory, and unless a student appears at the same he/she shall not be promoted to the next higher class and/or be sent up for the University /H.S. Examination.

The Students with poor result and/or absenting themselves from these examinations are liable to be detained. Students cannot have their scholarships renewed in the next higher class, unless they have secured at least 50% of marks in the Annual Examination.

In case a Student remains absent in the Annual/Test Examination under unavoidable circumstances, if the Principal is satisfied with such reasons, his/her results in the First Terminal/Pre-Test examination alone will be taken into consideration for all these purposes as mentioned above.

At least one week prior to the commencement of each college examination, the Principal will issue notice showing time schedule of the examination and papers to be examined which, unless otherwise notified, usually includes lessons taught/covered up to date in the subject/paper for the examinations of the First Terminal/Pre-Test/Annual at the end of 1st year of Pre-Degree course, whereas the entire course prescribed by the C.H.S.E/University shall be included for the Test Examinations.

If Principal deems necessary, may also shift the examination so notified to any other date and time as he deems necessary.

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